Antipasti and sides

Garlic bread-Ciabatta with garlic and parsley butter(v) £3.45


Mozzarella garlic bread-Our garlic bread topped with melted mozzarella(v) £3.95

Mixed marinated olives(v) £2.95

 Grilled Asparagus wrapped in prosciutto and mozzarella £5.95


Roasted Portobello mushrooms stuffed with Gorgonzola and honey(v) £5.95

Polpette-Italian sausage and fennel meatballs with Napoli Sauce £6.95

polenta chip stack with napoli- crispy fried polenta chips covered in napoli sauce topped with

mozzarella £5.95

Beef carpaccio - fine slices of marinated seared rare beef fillet, served with rocket and Parmesan £7.95



These are great with our Secondi or as a side 

Garlic mash potatoes-smooth and creamy garlicky mash potatoes(v) £3.95 

Polenta ‘chips’-chunky fried polenta 'chips' with sage and Parmesan(v) £3.95

Roasted rosemary potatoes(v) £3.95


Seasonal greens £3.95


Garlic wilted spinach-spinach sautéed with garlic(v) £3.45

spicy polenta 'chips' £3.95

Antipasti platters to share

Meat platter- Mixed olives, sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella and ciabatta with Italian cured meats, prosciutto, Italian salami  £14.95

seafood platter- Mixed salad,mozzarella, ciabatta with marinated prawns, clams and mussels £14.95 

vegetable platter- Mixed olives, sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella and ciabatta with- char-grilled and marinated Mediterranean vegetables, courgette, aubergine and peppers(v) £13.95


Our Famous Melting Middle Arancini

 Traditional Italian street food. Three Risotto balls, fried in breadcrumbs, with a melting cheesy middle.

Served with sauce for pouring or dipping. Great as a starter or for sharing.

Napoli-tomato and basil risotto with a mozzarella centre Served with Napoli sauce(v) £10.95

 Nduja-spicy Italian sausage risotto with a mozzarella centre Served with Napoli sauce £10.95




Basic side salad, mixed leaves and tomatoes(v) £3.45

Caprese-THE Italian salad, Green, White and Red. Tomatoes, mozzarella and fresh basil(v) £7.95


Chicken Caesar-Romaine lettuce, grilled chicken, crispy pancetta, Parmesan, Our ciabatta croutons, and Caesar dressing £8.95


Italian salad of Roasted fig, walnuts, goats cheese, mixed leaves and balsamic dressing(v) £8.95


panzanella salad- red onion, red peppers, capers & croutons (v) £7.95 



northern Italian beef stew -Traditional Italian stew, hearty and rich cooked with white wine £10.95

Pork saltimbocca-Flattened pork scaloppine wrapped in parma ham and sage leaf, pan fried and served with Marsala wine sauce £10.95

Chicken Milanese-strips of  breaded flattened chicken breast, goes great with our spaghetti Napoli £7.95


Napoli-Our version of the traditional Italian tomato based sauce, made to a family recipe(v)£8.95

Amatriciana-Our Napoli sauce with smoked pancetta and chilli £9.95

Papperdelle Bolognese-The famous Italian pasta sauce, we make ours with beef and red wine, cooked for hours for depth of flavour £11.95

Penne with pancetta, sugar snap peas and fresh mint in a creamy sauce for a lovely fresh balance of flavours £10.95

Linguine Vongole-clams steamed in white wine, garlic, chilli and parsley and tossed through linguine £11.95


Fusilli with pan-fried mushrooms and black olives tossed in Napoli Sauce(v) £8.95

Cacio e pepe -Pasta with Italian butter and Parmesan £8.95

Seafood linguine- prawns, clams, mussels and calamari in a rich Napoli sauce with a touch of chilli £11.95


Homemade Ravioli

Spinach and ricotta stuffed pasta(v) £11.95

Mushroom and Parmesan stuffed pasta with truffle cream sauce £11.95


Al Forno baked dishes

Lasagne-Our homemade traditional lasagne with our beef and pork Bolognese, layered with mozzarella and Napoli sauce £11.95

Aubergine parmigiana -stuffed with tomatoes, basil, spinach and pine nuts topped with mozzarella(v) £11.95

cannelloni- beef cannelloni baked with Napoli sauce and mozzarella £11.95



Traditional, thin and crispy, oval Italian pizza with our home made Napoli sauce. Topped with dressed rocket leaves. 

Margarita- Cheese and tomato pizza(v) £11.95

Italian meats-Topped with prosciutto, salami and Italian sausage £13.95

Char-grilled Mediterranean vegetables-Peppers, aubergine, courgette and tomatoes(v) £12.95

Nduja-Spicy Italian sausage meat, red onion, chilli and jalapenos  which give amazing spicy flavour to the pizza £13.95

Fig, goats cheese black olives and prosciutto £12.95

Gorgonzola, mushroom and spinach with mixed olives(v) £12.95

garlic, anchovies, vine tomatoes with spinach £12.95

Sweet & spicy pepperoni pizza- spicy pepperoni, jalapeno's, with sweet basil & a honey drizzle £13.95


garlic bread £3.45

Mozzarella garlic bread-Our garlic bread topped with melted vegan mozzarella £3.95

Mixed marinated olives £2.95


Roasted rosemary potatoes £3.95


Garlic wilted spinach-spinach sautéed with garlic £3.45


Seasonal greens £3.95  

Basic side salad, mixed leaves and tomatoes £3.45


panzanella salad, red onions, red peppers, capers and croutons £7.95

Napoli-Our version of the traditional Italian tomato based sauce, made to a family recipe £8.95


Aubergine boats-stuffed with tomatoes, basil, spinach and pine nuts topped with vegan mozzarella £11.95

Margarita-Vegan cheese and tomato pizza £11.95

Char-grilled Mediterranean vegetables-Peppers, aubergine, courgette and tomatoes topped with vegan cheese £11.95


Vegan Gelato 


mango and coconut gelato £5.95

caramelized fig and coconut gelato £5.95

chocolate bounty gelato £5.95

Vegan wine

lumina pinot grigio delle venezie giulia italy £12.95

tenute piccini 'antica cinta' chanti italy £12.95



San Pellegrino cans (limonata, aranciata, rossa, pompelmo) £1.50

San Pelligrino sparkling water £1.50



Italian Wines


pontebello prosecco doc extra spumante, extra dry italy £13.95

pontebello pinot grigio, venezie italy £10.95

solstice sauvignon blanc delle, venezie italy £10.95

parini trebbiano del rubicone, italy £10.95

corte vigna chardonnay, italia £10.95


marchesi ervani pinot grigio rosato, italy £10.95


pontebello sangiovese, puglia Italy £9.95

montepulci ano d'abruzzo, marchesi ervani italy £10.95

solandia primitivo,  puglia italy £11.95

corte vigna merlot, italia italy £10.95

valpolicella classico, bolla italy £14.95

solstice shiraz, italia £10.95


Our incredible Italian Gelato 

After being trained by leading Italian gelato specialists, we are confident one taste of our gelato will make you feel like you are eating gelato from the gelatarias of Rome and Naples. We offer a range of quintessential Italian flavours in hand potted 400 ml tubs, made here by us.  £5.95


Amaretti biscotti

salted caramel 

dairy free mango and coconut

dairy free caramelized fig and coconut

         cherry Bakewell

          dairy free bounty 

          mint choc chip 

        Classic cannoli collection 

        italian cannoli collection

         zesty lemon polenta cake